Saturday, November 24, 2007


Phlying to Philly

Our flight to Philadelphia was interesting—that‘s why the ‘ph’ rather than the ‘f’. Our flight that was suppose to leave on Thursday at 4 pm was ‘delayed’ (not cancelled) until Friday at 6 am. I had meetings scheduled, but luckily two of my colleages were there to work with the Int’l Convention host region planning meeting.

We got into at Philly around rush hour—so we had lots of traffic to contend with—and we saw an accident. After checking in to the hotel, we headed downtown (and saw another accident) because the evenings activities included dinner at Maggianos, an Italian restaurant and then a theater production of Man of LaMancha. Maggianos was a really neat restaurant—we were all in a special dining room. The food was served family style and there was lots of it.

After dinner, we didn’t have too much time to get to the theatre, so five of us crowded into a cab to go the several blocks to the theatre. The cab driver took us a very roundabout way to a movie theater rather than the Theatre. As we were leaving there to go to the other theatre—we saw another accident, a woman got hit by a car that was backing up—I sure hope she is all right. Man of LaMancha was wonderful! “To Dream the Impossible Dream…” was going through my mind for the rest of the weekend.

After the retreat, as we were going back to our hotel, we saw another accident (I don’t think I’ve every seen so many accidents—this time it was a bus and a car crash). We drove for a while, but most of the scenery was industrial plants. So we found a place to have a Philly Steak sandwich and went to bed—it had been some long days and short nights.

The next day, we didn’t leave until 4 pm, so decided to cross the bridge into Camden, NJ. There we found a neat walkway alongside the river—it was right near the Campbell’s ball field, Battleship New Jersey, and the NJ State Aquarium. After we walked for a while, we decided to look for a restaurant—and couldn’t find one. Finally someone pointed out a Bistro that was across the street. When we got there, we found out it had 20 TVs with different football games on all of them. The Vikings game was just getting started—so we watched until half-time. They were leading, but later we heard they blew it.

We had an uneventful trip home, but the next trip—Oh boy!!

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