Saturday, June 24, 2006


Here Comes the Bride

Busy, busy, busy….that’s my only excuse for not posting sooner. Generally when people say they are ‘too busy’ to do something that they have committed to—it bugs me, so I don’t often use that as an excuse. But….here I am falling into that same trap.

It all started the day we got back from Italy (one month ago—hard to believe), Kara came over (complete with supper) and she had a new piece of jewelry—yes, she had gotten engaged the day before. So we went from gushing all about Italy to gushing over the fact that our ‘baby’ is getting married. And, they would like to get married on August 20--that’s THIS coming August—the one that was only three months away (now—two months).

Here she is in her dress--isn't she beautiful? What you can't see is what a beautiful person she is inside as well. Oh, oh...maybe I WILL be an emotional mother-of-the-bride!

Kara getting married is a totally new concept for us--I think as well as for her. She has never been one to 'plan' her wedding in her mind (insert husband--whoever he might be--here). She said this doesn't seem real that she's thinking of wedding and being married. We think, 'how will this change our relationship?' She probably won't be spending her 'off' time with us as much--and we will miss that. But we love Paul and they make a wonderful couple, so we're happy for her.

By no means are we fussy people, who need to have everything ‘perfect’, but this does seem a fitting time to get the things fixed up around the house, both inside and outside. Especially since the last time we did a thorough cleaning (all closets, basement, etc) and painting was in 1997—the year Kara graduated from HS. So Bob and I sit down and make a list—well, actually fill up a notebook with lots of lists—one for each room.

The time change from Italy to home is six or seven hours—so, even though I try to stay up until 10 or 11 pm, I’m still waking up every morning at 4 am. And, since my mind is running through the ‘to-do’ list, I’m not going back to sleep—so I figure I might as well get up and get going on one of our tasks. So one morning I was up and had the bathroom grout cleaned and sealed, before Bob even woke up. Other mornings I have been diving into closets—cleaning, sorting, and emptying. Where in the world did we get so much STUFF? And what in the world to I do with all of Ross and Kara’s STUFF?

That’s my only excuse for not writing—although I am on the first real trip since that time right now. I had one cancelled…but that’s fodder for another blog.


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