Friday, March 09, 2007


Technology--a royal pain

I love computers--I love the great things technology can do for us. But somedays technology can be a real pain.

I have had a series of viruses on my computer since last summer. Since the place I work is in Mississippi and I live in Minnesota, the computer has taken three trips down there. Every time I get it back, I need to set up all my preferences, redo all my bookmarks, and (the really hard thing) figure out all my sign-ins and passwords. Just about the time I get it done, the computer goes back for another 'dumping' and we start all over again.

So there hasn't been too much posting on this site, because too much of my spare time has been spent with all those other tasks--and sometimes it takes quite a few trys before I get the right password.

So I may be taking some time to get caught up (there have been several trips).

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